iamawinrar = iamadouchebag

EDIT: I just noticed this guy has monetized all the links such as “ask” “submit” “archive” are you for real….

Some users have wishlists on their blog. Mostly they are full of materialistic jibber jabber. Whatever. Other users have donate buttons on their blogs. Fair enough, tumblr can take up a lot of time, but it’s a hobby done by choice and choice alone. Nobody makes you do it, and nobody pays you for it.

Well, there’s one exception to that rule. One user. One person, in my, what, over half year of being here, I’ve seen do this.

iamawinrar takes images other users post. He takes images that users of Tumblr photograph and contribute themselves. He uploads them so that the source is ‘iamawinrar’ instead of the original photographer. That alone is, well, it’s not despicable, but it’s pretty fucking underhanded if you ask me. There’s a REBLOG button for a reason. It means “Hey, I like this, and I’m gonna share it with other people”

As if that isn’t bad enough, under the clickthrough field for the most popular images he steals, he then inserts either an ad.fly or adfoc.us link. For anyone that is unfamiliar, if you click that image - he earns a bit of money. It’s not much, about 1/4 of a cent. But on his blog alone he has 1.2 million views. So when you take into account that the number of times an image is viewed on a dashboard, compared to actually going to someone’s blog and viewing it there is much much higher, you’re looking at quite a bit of bunce.

I’ve not seen any other high-profile members do this, but the fact of the matter is that he is taking both professional and amateur images that he has no claim to, posting them as his own, and then monetizing them too. I don’t like this, and everyone else I’ve spoken to about this specific user feels the same.

Case point. Female user posts photo of her breasts with writing on her tummy upside down said “Put dick here” and arrow pointing to breasts.

An hour later, iamawinrar posts photo, with his own source and ad link. He gets way more notes than her.

See here

She asks him to remove it and refuses. As far as I know, she might not have been very friendly to him, but whether she calls him a darling or a cunt, if you get asked by a content owner to remove something that you stole from them, you fucking well do it. You don’t be a snarky little shithead about it.

So I reported his link to ad.fly and, under their T&C, you aren’t allowed to monetize links to adult material. That’s been removed. You would have thought that that would be warning enough and to pack it in. No. He’s created an adfoc.us account and consciously changed all his links to those. So I reported him there, because under adfoc.us’ T&C’s, no Tumblr posts OR adult content.

I have a feeling it wont stop him. So here’s what you can do, if you agree with me and countless other high-profile sex bloggers, that is. Stop reblogging him. Stop liking his posts. Stop clicking his images. If he reblogs something you want on your blog, find the source of the image by dragging and dropping it into google images, or just drag it onto your desktop and upload it yourself.

I’ve confronted him about this twice now and seen no reply. So I’m doing this, and frankly I don’t give a fuck. Tumblr is for sharing, not stealing, and I won’t abide it. I don’t care if he’s making 50 cents, 5 bucks, 50 bucks or 500. You’re getting money by infringing copyright and being a general prick, so you can get bent.

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